Our National Heroes

First strive and desire , then desire,
So have saints to us told,
This is national progress �mantra� (formula)
In your hearts you must hold. 

Udyam Shastra - Chapter 2 Verse 9
Key Objectives:

This activity aims to develop the ability to use various methods of advertisement.

  1. To provide stimulation to adventurous thinking.
  2. To develop the habit of taking risks in life.
  3. To develop ambitions to achieve great things in life.
  4. To develop leadership.
  5. To create a sense of responsibility in students.

 ACTIVITY 1- Our National Heroes

Distribute the worksheets to students in groups. Give one dictionary to each group. Encourage them to find meanings of unknown words from dictionary. Motivate the students to identify persons from their life who have struggled and overcame difficulties and achieved great success. 
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