One who defines a proper aim,
One who can ones capacities discover,
One who acts independently,
He is an entrepreneur.

Udyam Shastra - Chapter 5 Verse 4.
Key Objectives:

This module aims at familiarising the students with the process of many.

  • To develop awarness about the production.
  • To develop understanding about designing a unit of a product.
  • To develop awareness about detail designing.
  • To develop consciousness about quality.
  • To develop consciousness about innovative designs.
  • To develop ability to distinguish between two methods of production.
  • To develop design making to choose right method of production for desired product.
  • Product

    Something produced by nature or made by human industry or art, commercial products collectively as of a certain kind or from a certain company; merchandise.

  • Design

    To make preliminary sketches of; sketch a pattern or outline for , to plan and carry out, esp. for artistic arrangement or in a skillful way to make designs, to make original plans, sketches , patterns etc.

  • Optimum Utilization

    To make maximum use of available material, time or human resource.

  • Wastage

    Material , time or ability of a person bought for making a product but not utilised.

  • Unit Production

    Making of one complete article of one design.

  • Mass Production

    Making of one complete articles of same design.

  • Quality

    The degree of excellence which a thing possesses, excellence ; superiority.

Skills: The students activity is designed to clarify the CONCEPTS of the module and develop some "ENTERPRISE SKILLS" (E. Skills). The E.Skills included in a module may not be exhaustive but are only indicative. E.Skills stated in modules elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a module.:
  • Product Designing

    The detail drawing and plan of a product being manufactured at mass scale.

  • Division Of Labour

    The system of dividing work between people where one person performs only 1 step of the entire procedure.

  • Optimum Utilization

    To make maximum use of available material, time or human resource.

  • Quality Consciousness

    The ability to appreciate or condemn work based on the quality of work.


ACTIVITY 1- My Card My Design

The teacher needs to prepare the packs in advance. The packs must contain materials as listed below : The teacher may add or delete a few items from the list as found suitable

3 colours - half sheets of card papers.
1 - scissors 2 roles of crape ribons 
1 - colour (Box) 3 colours of marble papers 
1 - glue stick 3 colours of satin ribon each of 1 metre 


  • Form groups as suggested by teacher.
  • Take a pack. (Craft material given by the teacher)
  • Making use of only the things supplied in the kit prepare greeting cards.
  • You may prepare more than one card.
  • They may be of any size or shape.
  • They may be for any occasion.
  • You may exchange ideas and divide work within group for best results.
  • Prepare a presentation to show your cards to the class using one or more students.
  • Select the best card made by your group.
  • Explain how and why you selected the card as the best card.

ACTIVITY 2- Many Cards Very Fast

Divide the class in four groups. Select 4 cards from those designed in activity 01 as sample cards. Prepare packs of materials needed to make at least 20 cards of the same type. Include all materials and tools needed for preparations. Students must be instructed to make as many cards possible in 30m. They must be made aware of wastage of material and the quality. Give additional 10 minutes to arrange a display and select the best.


  • Form groups as suggested by teacher.
  • Take the pack of materials and sample card from teachers.
  • Divide work among group members as per their abilities and expertise.
  • Prepare as many cards as possible in thirty minutes. Same as the sample card given.
  • Prepare a presentation and display the presentation on a table.
  • Choose the best card. State reasons.
  • Choose the worst card that you would not put for sale, if any. State reasons for discarding.
  • Explain How any Why you select the card as the best card.