Problems are solutions in disguise.
We only need to see them closely. 

Key Objectives:

This module aims at bringing about awareness about raw materials and various products that can be made from them. The objectives are -

  • Observation :

    Students observe their surrounding considering each object as an article to be made.

  • Creativity :

    Students think of various material and different things that can be made from.

  • Imagination :

    While seeing the material they imagine the process of making the object.

  • Communication :

    Group interaction and public speaking.

  • Raw Materials

    Basic materials required to make a thing that can satisfy a human need.

  • Products

    An object special made to satisfy a need or designed to perform a task.

  • Process

    The series of changes brought in materials to bring it at the final stage where it serves some purpose.

  • Tools

    The objects used in process and does not go in a finished product.

  • Product Innovation

    A change in the design or material or the processing of a product.

Skills: The students activity is designed to clarify the CONCEPTS of the module and develop some "ENTERPRISE SKILLS" (E. Skills). The E.Skills included in a module may not be exhaustive but are only indicative. E.Skills stated in modules elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a module.:
  • Observation

    To look for raw materials needed to make an object.

  • Imagination

    To imagine the process of making the product.

  • Decision Making

    Discriminate between the raw materials and processing tools.

  • Product Designing

    Study the size and shape and colour of materials used in the object.

  • Product Innovation

    To think of other products made from same material or alternative materials to make same products.


 ACTIVITY 1- Identifying things and material in them.

Students observe the things that ARE present around them as products and observe the raw material used for making. Encourage them to imagine the things used in the CONSTRUCTION OF THE PRODUCT, if any, which are not visible. Encourage group discussion. Reward a good answer with encouraging words. 


  • Work in group of four or five as instructed by teacher.   
  • Observe your class room  carefully.   
  • Make a list of things in the room that you would like make if given a chance.   
  • Discuss the list with the group and decide anyone item that you would like to make   
  • Observe that item carefully and closely.   
  • Make list of materials that will be needed if that item is to be made by you.   
  • Choose a representative of the group to read the list to the class.   
  • Add to your list, the suggestions from the class if any.   
  • Try to add to the list of other groups to the best of your imagination.


1.List of articles in my class that I would like to make. ___________________________________________________________________________

2.The article chosen by my group to make is______________________.

The materials needed to make the chosen article are: ___________________________________________________________________________

3.The valuable suggestions given by my friends are: ___________________________________________________________________________

4.Make a list of the tools that are used for making the item , but do not form a part of the item _______________________________________________________

5.Can you suggest some other material for making the same item  ___________________________________________________________________________

6.Do you know the method of making the item  ? Can you suggest a change in the method to make it faster or cheaper or better? ____________________________________________

 ACTIVITY 2- Things in my state.

This activity is suggested to be taken in groups. Correlate it to the geography lessons of Std. V. Allow group interactions and reward with encouraging remarks. 


  • Refer to your Geography textbook to answer some of the questions.   
  • Discuss the questions with your friends and write the answers.


1.What are major crops of Maharashtra? ___________________________________________________________________________

2.Sugar is made from sugar cane. Name one more thing that is made from sugar cane juice. ___________________________________________________________________________

3.What is done with the left over part of sugar cane after juice is extracted? ___________________________________________________________________________

4.Can you suggest some more uses of the left over sugar canes? ___________________________________________________________________________

5.Name the oil seeds grown in Maharashtra. ___________________________________________________________________________

6.How is the left over part of the oil seed disposed ? ___________________________________________________________________________

7.Can you suggest some more uses of the left over parts of oil seeds ? ___________________________________________________________________________

8.Do you agree that “ALL THAT LOOKS USELESS IS NOT ACTUALLY USE” _________________________________________________________________