'Service Enterprise' is a milestone first,
Based on local likely resource,
Skill, ability and experience,
Are the factors to progress. 

Udyam Shastra - Chapter 6 Verse 2.

Key Objectives:

To develop creative thinking by providing opportunities to guess the reason.

  • To develop imagination.
  • To give a training in Brain storming.
  • To develop divergent thinking.
  • To develop logical reasoning.
  • Enterprise Ideas

Different ways of generating income using ideas and skills.

Skills: The students activity is designed to clarify the CONCEPTS of the module and develop some "ENTERPRISE SKILLS" (E. Skills). The E.Skills included in a module may not be exhaustive but are only indicative. E.Skills stated in modules elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a module.:
  • Business Idea Generation

    The ability to think of many opportunities to generate income. Use creative ideas to generate wealth



This activity can be very interesting as well as funny. The teacher must take care not to curtail divergent thinking if the ideas appear to be impossible or funny. Students must be encouraged to think of various situations in which the sentences may become possible or true.


  • Divide the class in two groups with help of teacher.
  • Each student gets a chit to write on.
  • Group -If :  Each student gets a chit to write a sentence starting from ‘If’, then leave the sentence incomplete.
  • Group - then : Each student writes a sentence begining with then.
  • The teacher will collect all “if” chits in one bowl and “then”  chit in another.
  • Call any one or two students to pick one chit from “If” bowl and another from “then” bowl and read them together as one sentence.
  • After all chits are read out , they can be put back in bowls and random picking up from both bowls can be started again.


This activity again may lead to a large variety of responses. The teacher should not rule out any option or response but encourage to imagine a situation where the statement could be true. When students explore various possibilities to generate wealth, do not forget to remind of using legal and fair practices only. 


  • Divide the class in two groups with help of teacher.
  • Read the sentence starting with If in your worksheet.
  • Think of as many outcomes of the condition given in the group.
  • Note down all the ideas.
  • Do not miss the funny or impossible type of answers.
  • Read out all your answers to the class when permitted by teacher.

It is better to think funny or impossible then not thinking at all.

WORKSHEET: (students are expected to write 10-12 lines on each)

1. If  there were no schools......



2. If  I had  no friends.....



3. If needed  a lot of money.....