One who earns his bread,
By sweat of his brow in a good way,
And where enterprise is done, 
There shall God Himself stay. 

Udyam Shastra - Chapter 10 Verse 8.
Key Objectives:

This module aims to develop self awareness in students. The key objectives of this activity are -

  • To help the students to develop business objectives.
  • To help decision making about choice of a product or service for business.
  • To develop ability to draw an action plan to carry out the mission.
  • To plan business to generate profit.
  • To develop awarness about risk factors.
  • To develop awarness about consulting experts tonovercome difficulties in business.
  • To develop the ability to present the business idea accurately, precisely and artistically.
  • Business Plan

    A project report showing all the details of the business.

  • Mission Statement

    An appealing sentence stating the business objectives.

  • Risk Factors

    The possibilities due to which the business plan may fail to generate profit as expected.

  • Marketing Plan

    The plan showing the details of distributing the products , advertising and selling the products.

Skills: The students activity is designed to clarify the CONCEPTS of the module and develop some "ENTERPRISE SKILLS" (E. Skills). The E.Skills included in a module may not be exhaustive but are only indicative. E.Skills stated in modules elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a module.:
  • Business

    A commercial or industrial establishment; store, factory, etc..

  • Plan

    A scheme or program for making, doing, or arranging something; project, design, schedule, etc.

  • Business Plan

    A report stating the details of a business, its objectives, products, marketing strategy, profit projections, risk factors and growth plans.


ACTIVITY 1- What to do ?

This activity should create a need for students to think about various means of earning. This activity leaves a lot of room for a teacher to induce enterprising thoughts and motivate them to make ambitious plans. The teacher must be careful about promoting only legal and fair practices in enterprising activities.


  • Read the story of Udyam given below.
  • Read the questions and answer them.   
  • Based on the answers decided by your group give a name to your group and make a mission statement.


Udyam is a bright student of std V.One day he told his class teacher and his friends that he is leaving the school as he lost his father in an accident. His mother could not pay  his  school fees. The teacher loved Udyam very much. His  friends also loved him very much.They all were very sad. 

Next day the teacher  asked the students if they would like to help Udyam. All students said  ‘Yes’ together loudly.Vicky said his father will pay the fees. Urja said, her father would pay for books and other expenses. The teachers was happy that Udyam had generous friends but she was sad too. She said that she wanted the students to do some thing jointly to earn money for Udyam’s education and not take  it from their parents. 

All children liked the idea and agreed to do some thing .They all decided to pay fees for “Udyam” from their own earning.

1.If you were in the same class , will you also like to do something to earn money for Udyam’s education.

Yes / No.

2.What will you do?  [Select the appropriate answer]

a.Make some articles and give some one else to sell. 

b.Make some articles and sell that on your own. 

c.Take a job to earn the salary. 

d.Give some service like tuition or household help or newspaper delivery or any other work to get money.

3.Give a reason for your choice and also reason for not choosing other options.


4.Decide approximately how much will you earn as a group in one month by the activity chosen.


5.Will you enjoy doing what you have planned ?



The questions given should only be used as guidelines. The teacher may add more questions or simplify the given. Motivate the students to make the report very systematic and slightly decorative. As this activity is the most important activity of the year, special function or ceremony may be conducted inviting special guests and making a formal presentation of business plans prepared by the students. Appreciation must be very generously used.


  • Form the group same as activity 1.
  • Give a name to your business decided in activity 01, based on your chosen work  field.
  • Decide a plan to earn the money fixed by you, in activity 1.
  • You may use the following questions to draw your plans. Answers to all questions are not compulsory .Answer only the ones that are essential and applicable.


1.Will you make something ? What ? How?

2.What are the things needed?

3.How will you  make it  ?

4.Where will you sell it?

5.How will you sell it ?

6.From where will you get money to start business ?

7.How much profit will you make  ?

8.How would your product or method be different  ?

9.Mention some problems that you may come across in your business ?

10.How will  you overcome them  ?

11.How will you tell other people about your business  ?

12.Whose  guidance and advice would you take?