One who keeps striving
One who has persistent nature
One who takes self responsibility
He is an entrepreneur.

Udyam Shastra Chapter - 5, Verse 3

This activity aims at developing the ability to negotiate:

  • Time Management
  • Resource Management
  • Team Spirit 
  • Communication Reporting

Negotiation:  A conferring, discussing or bargaining to reach agreement.

Time Management: The ability to perform or get the work completed within stipulated period, manage to complete  all planned activities at stipulated time. 

Resource Management: To make use of all resources at an optimum level, avoiding wastage and produce best results efficiently. 

Output: The work done or amount produced by a person, machine, production line, manufacturing plant, etc. especially over a given period. 


Negotiation:  The ability to strike a bargain to get maximum profit or best benefit to resources, minimize bad effects of problems. 

Time Management: The ability to complete the task within the stipulated time. Ability to manage many things at a time and accomplished them all within time limits. 

Resource Management: Optimum utilization of many resources (human/ non human) causing minimum wastage and making it least expensive. 

Reporting: A formal or official presentation of facts or of the record of some proceedings. 

Communicating: 1. The act of transmitting
2. a. A giving or exchanging of information, signals, or messages as by talk, gestures or writing. 
    b. the information, signals or message


Activity 1: I CAN DO IT

This  activity is conducted in regular class room and not in E- Lab. Children should have a access to their own bags and should get a chance to go next class to borrow the essential things. Permit them to go out of class, as found suitable. 


  • Form groups as suggested by the teacher
  • Accept the pack of stationery materials provided by the teacher. Observe the contents of the pack. 
  • You may not find everything you need in the pack. 
  • You are allowed to take things from your own bags or borrow from others. 
  • Keep in mind the limit for completion of the task.
  • Make cards using the given material of any size and any design for any occasion. 
  • Make as many cards  as possible. 
  • At the end of the time limit display your creations.
  • Choose your best card by voting in groups and present it to the class. 
Activity 2: HOW DID I DO IT

Let the students work in the same group as Activity 1. Ask them to recall their experience in Activity 1 and discuss to answer the questions in the worksheet.


  • Form groups as same as formed in Activity 1.
  • Discuss the following questions among your friends and prepare a presentation based on your answers. 

1. Number of cards made by us._______________________________________________________________

2. The wastage of material by us. Much / Not much/ Hardly Any ______________________________________

3.  Make a list of the things used by you which were not provided. ____________________________________

4.  How did you manage to get those things?____________________________________

5.  Was it easy to get whatever you wanted from people?____________________________________

6. Have you said no for something you had but could not give?____________________________________

7.  Did you like this activity?____________________________________

8. What did you like about it?____________________________________

9.How does it feel when you finish a difficult task?____________________________________