L.22 - The Legal Environment

Let policy be there so in the state, Development should be balanced-planned New small enterprises be promoted, In every part of the land.

UDYAM SHASTRA- Chapter 08,Verse 1

Key Objectives:

Understand that law regulates the things that we do in life.

Enterprise Concepts:

Law.: The law regulates the things that we do in life and it also sets up guidelines for doing business and enterprise. Some laws are of local applicability, some of national level and some of international level. An entrepreneur should spend time to find out about these laws, standards and guidelines.



Instruction To Students

  • Students may have to visit library ,local chamber of commerce ,local municipal office , Shop Act Registration office ,District Industries Center, etc. and write a visit report.
  • Questions in the worksheet may help you.
  • Students should then fill the answers in the worksheet.
  • After completing the activity, each group should present and share its main discussion points with the rest of the class.

Q1: Which of the following organizations did you visit?
- Library
- Municipal office
- Shop Act Registration Office
- District Industries Center
- Quality test laboratory/Agency
- Others (please specify)___________________________

Q2:  Who will make the decision about the price to be charged for your designs and the appliances you sell?


Q3: In which of the following areas did you gather the information

- Registration of enterprise with DIC.

- Registration as supplier/service provider.

- Registration with Electricity Authorities.

- Registration under Shop Act.

- Consent or no objection certificate (N.O.C.) from municipal corporation or gram panchayat.

- Consent letters from handlooms Directorate for powerloom unit.

- Certificate from Pollution Control Board.

- Khadi Village Industries Board.

- Prime Minister’s Rojgar Yojna. (PMRY)

- Any other information. (please specify)

Q4 : What are the forms required, if any, to be filled up, for the area in which you collected information ? Attach a copy if available.


Q5 :State the main features of the law/registration etc. that you studied