This SECTION  is devoted to 'Enterprise Education' for secondary/higher secondary and vocational level students and youth. 

It is not restrictive that the youth have to be studying in these classes , but it is generally indicative that the level of the lessons is designed for youth in the age  of 14 yrs +. 

Parents/Trainers/Teachers are also encouraged to enthusiastically go through these lessons from the point of view of broadening their knowledge and have the ability to guide the students/youth under their tutelage or in their vicinity to pick up Enterprise Concepts and Enterprise Skills.  

The primary objective of this section is development of the youth's enterprise competencies . The method chosen is via the lessons which will assist the youth to develop these  competencies in the mode of 'learning by doing'. Consequently, the lessons are participative in nature.


The topics are divided into following sections:

     I.   General Lessons  : These represent core lessons that are recommended to be done by all new learners. 

     II.   Business Studies  : These are some additional lessons that will enrich the learning done in the General Lessons. 

     III.   Vocation Specific Lessons : These lessons are written with  a  view that the 'Worksheets' in these lessons will have outcomes that may be specific to the Vocation/Business that the youth has chosen.


Development Education(International) Society ,DEIS Pune has developed resource materials in Enterprise Education that are useful for Secondary / Higher Secondary / Vocational level students.

These EE Books and CD's details are available at:

Enterprise Education Resource Material