Resource of a Region

Harmony of human efforts, Nature's resources bountiful, And the needs of the market, Makes an enterprise successful.

Udyam Shastra- Chapter 06, Verse 01

Key Objectives:

This module and its associated exercises should enable the students to develop an understanding about enterprise skills. Each subsequent module is designed to develop certain of these enterprise skills through students activity.

Enterprise Concepts:

Region: An area of a country is called a region. .

Resources: Resources are things and means of value required by an enterprise..

Natural resources.: Natural resources are the resources which are obtained from nature e.g. water, land, crops, cattle,minerals etc.

Human resources.: Human resources are people. Human resources required by an enterprise are characterized by their literacy, attitudes, aptitudes, vocational skills, enterprise skills etc.

Capital resources.: Capital resources are things like buildings, tools and machines that an enterprise uses to create goods and services.

Enterprise Skills:

The student 'Activities' in each lesson are designed to clarify the ENTERPRISE CONCEPTS of the lesson and develop some ENTERPRISE SKILLS (E.SKILLS). The E.SKILLS included in a lesson may not be exhaustive, but are indicative.

E.SKILLS stated in a lesson elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a particular lesson.

Some useful E.SKILLS are dealt with below:

Understanding symbols.:The entrepreneur should be able to correlate symbols to their intended meanings. These symbols are useful in drawing maps, reading maps etc.

Organize resources: An entrepreneur has to be able to organize resources i.e. identify, plan, arrange, locate, store the resources etc. for use in their enterprise. .


Activity 1 - The place you like.

Instructions for the Activity

Turn to Worksheet of Activity "The Place You Like"

Identify a village or town or city you are familiar with and which you like. You may choose more than one place also. You should fill in the Worksheet of Activity by answering in the space provided .


Name of the place you visited :




What are the trees, plants, water bodies and other natural features about the place, that you liked? (These are the Natural resources)

Ans 1.


What struck you as special about the people there? Their language, dress, customs, handicrafts, enterprises etc.? (These are the Human resources)

Ans 2.


What are some of the common machines and equipments used by people there? E.g. tractors, jeeps, weaving machines etc. (These are the Capital resources)

Ans 3.

Activity 2 - Regions and resources.

Instructions for the Activity

Turn to Worksheet of Activity "Regions and Resources" Study the interactive Animation ?Map of Regions and Resources? available from the link ?Animations? on the first page of this lesson.

Note some of the following states:

   Uttar Pradesh (UP)

   Madhya Pradesh (MP)



   Andhra Pradesh

Go through symbols and their meanings on the map. Same symbols can have different meanings in different maps. Now turn to the Worksheet "REGIONS AND RESOURCES" Resource Quiz and answer the Quiz Questions.