Local Support for Enterprise

Read "Udyam Shastra" studiously, make friends with many entrepreneurs, Be of assistance to each other, And together you could prosper.

UDYAM SHASTRA- Chapter 10,Verse 05

Key Objectives:

Reading this module and doing the students activities will enable the students to:

  • Understand that they need support of several local enterprises, agencies and institutions.

  • Learn to use local directory and/or yellow pages.

Enterprise Concepts:

Enterprise support institutions.: These are the institutions/agencies who play a helpful role in economic enterprise building, in local society. Examples could include, Chambers of Commerce, Directorate of Industries, Quality testing laboratories,Banks etc.

Yellow Pages.: Yellow Pages refers to that section of a telephone directory, which is included in directory or published independently. It gives names and telephone numbers, categorized into Products or Service Type.These pages are typically printed on yellow paper to distinguish them from rest of the directory. Hence the name "Yellow Pages".

Enterprise Skills:

The student 'Activities' in each lesson are designed to clarify the ENTERPRISE CONCEPTS of the lesson and develop some ENTERPRISE SKILLS (E.SKILLS). The E.SKILLS included in a lesson may not be exhaustive, but are indicative.

E.SKILLS stated in a lesson elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a particular lesson.

Some useful E.SKILLS are dealt with below:

Classification.: An entrepreneur should be able to group and regroup information into classes and categories which makes it easier to access the information. This skill is called classification.

Activity - Local support.

Instructions for the Activity

Turn to Worksheet of Activity, "Local Support"

In this activity, you will prepare a list of enterprise support services as also a list of other products/ services you need for successful working of your own enterprise.

Below is given a sample listing of Yellow Pages of the telephone directory of a city. Assume that you are starting a biscuits or similar other product/service business .

From the following list, choose the Local support agencies you may need. For the purpose of this exercise, choose one out of the option given under each alphabet letter.

Locate their name, address and telephone number. Enter the information into the field provided. Think for yourself, how is such local information useful?

Activity 1 - "Local Support"

List of local support services for Enterprise : Biscuits Making