Statement of Competencies

1.1 Children should be exposed to various goods and services in their community so that they themselves learn to identify the needs and wants required, as also the needs and wants available for themselves, for family, other individuals and community. 

1.2 The children should be able to develop some basic understanding of “GOODS” and “SERVICES” and appreciate the role of different persons in the community as helpers , providers , makers, producers, in short entrepreneurs, who give different goods and services to us. 
The children should also be able to develop some understanding of the role of workers who work with the ‘makers’. 

1.3 They should understand importance of acquisition of learning, reading, writing and interaction skills. They should be able to 
appreciate the importance of manual skills in producing and supplying goods and services required by the community. They should be exposed to meaningful use of working tools and vocational skills, in the process of production . Some preliminary appreciation of accounting skills may also be given. 

1.4 As a result, children should be able to identify the range of opportunities available for starting an enterprise and the various 
strategies that may be adopted to produce different types of products and services. 

1.5 Children should be made to understand ,through exposure and experience , the role of money in various economic transactions as a means and measure of exchange. 

1.6 They should also recognise the role of Government and its different agencies in the community and understand how taxes collected by the government are utilised for promotion and facilitation of business and economic activities. 

1.7 Children should be aware about the roles of both entrepreneur (the producer and the supplier) and also the consumers or customers in business .They should also appreciate importance of economic use of money. 

Through the lessons and activities in this book an attempt is made to introduce following Enterprise Concepts and develop Enterprise Skills. 

Enterprise Concepts 

1. Needs & Wants 
2. Goods 
3. Services 
4. Family 
5. Entrepreneurs (Helpers) 
6. Tools 
7. Manual skills 
8. Production 
9. Enterprise 
10. Money 

Enterprise Skills 

1. Identifying 
2. Classification 
3. Observation 
4. Interpreting questions 
5. Inquiry 
6. Oral & written communication 
7. Analysing information 
8. Matching 
9. Evaluating experience 
10. Decision making