Chapter 3 - Social Encouragement for Entrepreneurship Development

Elders, parents, guardians, teachers,
You can be society's protector,
When the youth make a positive effort, 
Encourage them to try better.||1||

When a girl or boy is born,
God with several gifts will shower, 
Seek these out and nurture them, 
So that they will further flower.||2||

To some He gives art and craft, 
Intellect or strength to some, 
Storehouse of virtues divine,
Is His boon to everyone.||3||

When children leave the beaten track, 
And do other works auspicious, 
Recognise these as footprints,
Of a future enterprise.||4||

Encourage the child to have an aim, 
Always work with committed efforts, 
Have confidence in yourself,
And achieve glorious heights.||5||

Spiritualism and industriousness, 
Where they dwell in harmony, 
There will blossom enterprise,
In progressive good forms many.||6||

|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) third chapter || 

||Auspicious Good Wishes ||