Chapter 8 - Resource Mobilisation

Let policy be there so in the state, 
Development should be balanced-planned,
New small enterprises be promoted,
In every part of the land. ||1||

In resource mobilisation and planning,
Men, Machine, Materials , Management,
Should be carefully considered ,
And examined for every element. ||2||

Enterprises can take various forms, 
Proprietary or Partnership types,
Also there is scope a plenty,
For private firms and cooperatives. ||3||

Project feasibility report,
New entrepreneur would helpful find,
Technical,financial, legal,
Study aspects of every kind. ||4||

Which plant -machinery to use,
Their capacity, utility, costs, guarantee,
Should be studied from every angle,
To ensure appropriate technology. ||5||

For enterprise knowledge training,
Schools, colleges may have the course, 
Also entrepreneurship and development-
Agencies you may seek recourse. ||6||

When you need more capital, 
Authorised bankers you should access,
Knowledge, sincerity, persistence,
And financial aspects they will assess. ||7|| 

|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) eighth Chapter ||
|| Auspicious good wishes||