Chapter 5 - Entrepreneurial Qualities

Hark! here 0' ye' youths,
Learn the traits and nature,
Understand and keep in mind,
The 'Qualities' of an entrepreneur. ||1||

One who decides to succeed, 
One who overcomes failure, 
One who takes calculated risks, 
He is an entrepreneur. ||2||

One who keeps striving, 
One who has persistent nature, 
One who takes self responsibility, 
He is an entrepreneur. ||3||

One who defines a proper aim, 
One who can ones capacities discover, 
One who acts independently, 
He is an entrepreneur. ||4||

One who seeks cooperation from many, 
One who from experience is a learner, 
One who corrects his own mistakes, 
He is an entrepreneur. ||5||

One who has a high aim, 
One who is a student forever, 
One who utilises opportunities, 
He is an entrepreneur. ||6||

One who walks a difficult path, 
One who has self confident behaviour, 
One who is honest, 
He is an entrepreneur. ||7||

One for whom 'Work is Worship' 
One who has a pleasing nature, 
One who can act decisively , 
He is an entrepreneur. ||8||

One who faces competition, 
One who can hopefully aspire, 
One who knows value of time, 
He is an entrepreneur . ||9||

One who puts imagination into practice, 
One who is enterprising by nature, 
One who is a capable leader, 
He is an entrepreneur. || 10 || 

One who can communicate appropriately, 
One who can to common sense adhere, 
One who has business acumen, 
He is an entrepreneur. ||11 ||

One who spots customer needs, 
Influences what markets require, 
One who can fulfill them timely, 
He is an entrepreneur. || 12 ||

One who keeps good public relations, 
One who knows 'Value Addition', 
One who makes monetary profits, 
He is an entrepreneur. || 13 ||

In varying quantities such qualities, 
Are in everyones nature, 
These one should develop and nurture, 
To be a successful entrepreneur. || 14 ||

While one studies these 'Qualities', 
One should also practice good virtue, 
Which the 'Great Masters' have taught us, 
In 'Holy Books' of infinite value. || 15 || 

|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) fifth Chapter ||
|| Auspicious good wishes ||