Chpt 7- Various Opportunities

First conduct market research, 
Inland, foreign or local, 
Study it conscientiously 
And decide on enterprise goal. 

Group 1: Service enterprises 

One who is good in writing, 
Is capable of rich thought, 
Literature, Publication, Advertising, 
Could be his service job . 

One who likes to travel wide, 
His field is of tourism, 
One who knows the customer, 
His region would be marketing. 

One who understands technology, 
He shall do instruments repair, 
One who likes to counsel and teach, 
Should spread knowledge everywhere.
Our nation with numerous villages and towns, 
Requires many a products distribution, 
Personal, household and social, 
Customer needs await satisfaction. ||5||
Some could be the link , 
Between manufacturer and customer, 
And trade high quality goods, 
At prices proper in a timely manner. ||6||

But do keep foresight, 
Where the new settlements will grow, 
There will arise market needs, 
Of fresh customers galore. ||7||

One who can strike a bargain, 
He could indeed buy and sell, 
And so many other enterprises, 
Of service type one can do well. ||8||

Group 2: Manufacturing Enterprises 

Education, experience and skill, 
Capital, land and manpower, 
Manufacturing unit one can start, 
By wisely combining these together. ||9||
Manufacturing ventures are several, 
Mechanical ,Chemical, Agro-process, 
Textile, Housing, Pharmaceautical, 
And many others for success. ||10||
In electrical field for instance, 
Some could make loose component, 
Others could do assembly, 
And make a new instrument. ||11||
In Pharmaceutical industry, 
One could start with simple mixture, 
Or herbal/chemical compound, 
Formulations one could endeavour ||12|| 

Science and Engineering ventures, 
With experience/education you could make, 
Or through technology transfer, 
Successfully oneself betake. ||13|| 

Those who like material science, 
Can do useful manufacturing, 
By transforming matter through, 
Casting, forging and forming.  ||14||

Group 3: Village industries 

Agriculture is of prime importance, 
Mother-earth food-grain gives, 
This becomes good for eating, 
After suitable processes. ||15||
Making rice out of paddy, 
Pulses of various kinds, 
Wheat ,Millet in mini-mill, 
Into flour you can grind. ||16||
The modern housewife in her cooking, 
Often prepares new recipe, 
Many a novel ready-mix, 
Uses she expediently. ||17||
Fruits are seasonal perishable, 
Durable you can make them, 
By producing delicious products, 
Sauces, jellies, squash and jam. ||18||
Some could make chilly and spices, 
Some fragrant mouth-freshner, 
Some could make for offering to God, 
Milk products as confectioner. ||19||

Group 4: Garments Enterprise 

Garments are a basic need, 
Many a market you can win, 
National and international, 
Studiously if you step in. ||20||
Garments for daily use, 
Or fashioned for a special time, 
Clothes for seasonal use, 
As per prevailing clime. ||21||
Clothes that children wear, 
Those adults find pleasing, 
Should to latest fashion adhere, 
By keeping track of their liking.||22||
Trade of ready-made garments, 
Export markets can avail, 
By study of colours and shapes, 
Sizes and prices that prevail. ||23||
In this and similar noble enterprise, 
Intelligent and skilled worker, 
Through his persistent efforts, 
Can become a factory owner. ||24||

Group 5: Housing and Shelter Enterprise 

Some 'eight million species'* dwell, 
In habitats in this world, 
No wonder then the human being, 
Builds for himself a house-hold. ||25||

In this business are contractors, 
Plumbers, painters, glass-workers, 
Masons, carpenters, electric workers, 
And infact many others. ||26||

Construction and interior decoration, 
Traditional businesses though mature, 
People now do prefer, 
New and modern architecture. ||27||
Group 6: Other Enterprises 

Conventional sources of energy, 
Will for limited time endure, 
Now in solar, wind energy, 
New opportunities you should explore. ||28||

For cleanliness and hygiene, 
Be it city or countryside, 
Detergent ,soap and other, 
Products are always required. ||29||

Schools, Offices , Industry, 
Have needs for institutional care, 
An entrepreneur could supply them, 
Ink, stationery, chalks and chairs. ||30||

And so on infact countless, 
'Enterprises' are in our Land, 
By harmonising resources, 
Develop by one's own hand. ||31||

|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) seventh Chapter ||
|| Auspicious good wishes ||

*'eight million species': This refers to an ancient Indian thought according to which there are 8.4 million living species in this world.