Chapter 2 - National Progress and Enterprise

'Nations' that to glory aspire,
'Their' common men should prosper ,
By nurturing in every household,
An enterprising culture. ||1||                                          

Important components of progress, 
Are entrepreneurs and Government, 
Surpassing new horizons,
Should be a joint achievement.

Entrepreneurs could be of several sorts, 
Industrialists, Organisers, Farmers, Writers, 
Researchers, Directors, Professionals,
And indeed many others. 

Those who are Government servants, 
Strive to be emblems of the Nation's pride, 
Serving people is serving Him,
Is a thought they must abide.

But he who common man harasses, 
Fails indeed in his duty,
He spiritually degrades himself , 
Know ye' this for surety.||5||

And so is the entrepreneurs' duty, 
Work for Quality , Excellence, 
And by economic gainful activity, 
'Income of the Nation' enhance.||6||

When self employed, small entrepreneurs, 
Grow in any society,
The pace of national progress sure, 
Shall multiply rapidly.||7||

Be it service or manufacturing, 
Look for needs of the customer, 
Seek and ye' shall find them, 
Know this '0' entrepreneur.||8||

First strive and deserve , then desire,
So have saints to us told,
This is national progress 'mantra' (formula)
In your hearts you must hold. 

|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) second chapter ||  
|| Auspicious good wishes ||