Chapter 4 - Achievement, Motivation and The Entrepreneur

People refer as 'Success'.
New discoveries and creations,
In this when one seeks self satisfaction,
That's 'Achievement Motivation'.||1||

After fixing up a goal,
He feels happy to reach it,
Then he raises goals higher,
That person is 'Achievement Motivated'. ||2|| 

Inspiration to progress,
Do work with excellence,
Work is way to reach lofty goals,
Is the 'Achievers' confidence.||3||

Where the environment itself,
Nourishes the ambition to succeed,
There will occur the 'Sanskar'* ,
For youth to be 'Achievement Motivated'. ||4||

Where seeds in childhood itself,
Of 'Achievement' sown are,
There shall with ease form,
Many a successful entrepreneur. ||5||

One can mould one's own future,
The youth should take this self-decision,
By training one can imbibe, 
Qualities of 'Achievement Motivation' ||6||

Those who soak in 'Achievement',
And ahead in 'Economic' toil surge, 
Those who stress performance to their best,
They shall successfully emerge. ||7||

|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) fourth chapter ||

|| Auspicious good wishes ||

*Sanskar': In Sanskrit means "nurturing of a good value system"