Chapter 6 - Milestone of Enterprise

Harmony of human efforts, 
Nature's resources bountiful, 
And the needs of the market, 
Makes an enterprise successful. ||1||

'Service Enterprise' is a milestone first, 
Based on local likely resource,
Skill, ability and experience,
Are the factors to progress. ||2||

Next stage is 'Labour Contract',
Accept work and complete.
With efficacy and class,
In a given time limit. ||3||

Third stage is 'Assignment Work',
Develop knowledge of technology,
With material of larger customer,
Be a successful 'Ancillary'. ||4||

Fourth stage as a 'Auxiliary'
Supplier to industries,
Service, products distribution,
Do on a regular basis. ||5||

Fifth stage is 'on your own',
Use the knowledge you have gained,
Best combine all resources,
'Enterprise' is then achieved. ||6||

Next O' youth please do read,
Guidance on opportunities,
Seek yourself literature,
On enterprise possibilities. ||7|| 

|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) sixth chapter ||
|| Auspicious good wishes ||