Chapter 1 - Introduction

Remember first the Lord Almighty,
Who for all in lives provides,
By devoting self to duty,
Strive ever for Enterprise ||1||

By reading of this science, 
You will facets come to learn, 
For your growth and enterprise,
Know by young friends certain ||2||

In the nineteen hundred ninety two, 
In "Udyog Sadhana" series on radio,
Thoughts sublime the "Guru" said, 
This "Shastra" is based on those words true ||3||

I pay the "Guru's" obeisance,
Read "O" youth this science,
Knowledge "their" as I present,
Imbibe with experience. ||4||

This world is temple of the Lord,
Auspicious and beautiful,
The way to worship Him indeed,
Is do an enterprise Truthful. ||5||

|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) first chapter||
|| Auspicious good wishes||