Chapter 9 - Enterprise Management

Marketing, Production, Finance,
Manpower-plan and quality,
Are essential in a business,
To run it successfully. ||1||

For an identified customer segment,
When one makes the decision,
Of Product, Price ,Place ,Promotion,
That is marketing introduction. ||2||
Our nation is exemplary,
For 'Unity in Diversity',
Language ,cultures are many,
Adjudge these for Ads and publicity. ||3||
For success you need to sell,
Begin with pleasant customer greeting,
Establish rapport and show the product,
Close the sale with a happy feeling ||4||
Conversion of raw materials, 
Know ye' is production called, 
Methods, Processes, Resources, 
Have to be well controlled. ||5||
Manpower of an enterprise, 
Is its strength you must deem, 
Encourage their inner strength, 
And build a successful team. ||6||
Quality well controlled, 
Means reliable product creation, 
This is secret of well gained 'Profit', 
And also customer satisfaction. ||7||
Finance is for enterprise, 
Like life giving air's presence, 
Honest financial management, 
Will ensure long existence. ||8||
|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) ninth Chapter ||
|| Auspicious good wishes ||