Chapter 10 - Concluding Remarks

The new generation is gifted, 
It will realise dreams with hard labour, 
In every youth is esconsed, 
A potential successful entrepreneur. ||1||

A progressive society is known, 
By women entrepreneurs out of door, 
Family members should doubtless, 
Give her help to endure. ||2||
Those who are truthful entrepreneurs, 
Know them as 'Gurus' divine, 
Learn from them pragmatic experience, 
As if it is knowledge divine. ||3||
Recapitulation is simple, 
How will you choose your enterprise, 
One that is profitable, feasible and likeable, 
Deliberate this with thoughts wise. ||4||
Read this 'Shastra' studiously, 
Make friends with many a entrepreneur, 
Be of assistance to each other, 
And together you could prosper. ||5||
One who will undertake enterprise, 
He shall have good fortune, 
Everyday interesting goals, 
He shall find opportune. ||6||

Enterprise Shastra is only the seed, 
One who strives to his best, 
He shall touch the skies indeed, 
And by the Lord Himself be blest. ||7||
One who earns his bread. 
By sweat of his brow in a good way, 
And where enterprise is done, 
There shall God Himself stay. ||8||
I salute the 'Gurus' again, 
Whatever is good, they have said, 
The 'Great Master' inspired this Shastra, 
By this indeed I am blessed. ||9||
|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) tenth Chapter ||  
|| And so ends Enterprise Shastra (Science) by Pradeep Wagh || 
|| Auspicious good wishes ||