Information about IBP: Instructions, Functions and Help

Instructions about Interactive Business Planner (IBP) its usage and functionality:

This IBP will help you to create your Business Plan. The IBP has 11 sections and each section has a number of topics, these are the parts of a business plan.

For each topic, we have developed a question that we want you to answer in the box or boxes provided. Please note that your words will be printed out in your business plan, so use sentences.

We have put the sections and topics in the order we feel will be easiest for you to complete. Starting with the Business Overview section, you can complete your plan by simply using the Next button to go from screen to screen.

However, ,feel free to complete the sections and topics in any order you want. To jump around within the IBP, you can use the Index button to select any topic within any section to work on. You do not have to complete each topic; if you have not completed a topic, it will simply be left out when you print your business plan.

Disclaimer: Interactive Business Planner

This is the interactive business planner is step-by-step educational tool.

The planner is good as data entry you do in it and is meant to provide you a learning Experience only.

Your are asked to continuously discuss your plan with a qualified Technical/Financial consultant or charted accountant to incorporate local,Technical,Banking, and financial requirement.